Monica Rich Kosann in Akron, Ohio
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The Monica Rich Kosann collection is designed to offer customers heirlooms for our generation. Our goal is to capture the essence of fashion while maintaining the timeless elegance of design. A woman can tell her story through her jewelry. Living with and celebrating the memories we create each day in our lives is universal to all of us. Monica‚Äôs jewelry focuses of these two universal ideas. A ... Read more about Monica Rich Kosann »

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Today's item is this lovely rose charm from Monica Rich Kosann!

Tags: charm, pendant, mother of pearl, silver, rose, flower, valentine's day, Monica Rich Kosann

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01/31/16 02:37 PM

pretty. i'm a Shakespeare fan. how big are those?

01/31/16 02:49 PM

A little more then an inch in diameter

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