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White. The purest and lightest of colors. Vast, clean, and endlessly calm. But within it, a multitude of shades, shadows, and nuances. A pared-down palette of simplicity on which White Fluted was born more than 244 years ago as the base shape of another iconic Royal Copenhagen pattern, Blue Fluted Plain. Today, we can enjoy the beautiful flutes in their purest form on White Fluted. Clean and elegant. The art of setting a table is sometimes to keep it simple and let eye-catching pieces stand out – such as the new White Fluted long oval dish. A versatile serving item, the large dish is also a beautiful center piece on its own, and the oval shape allows the dish to blend in beautifully with both modern and classic table settings. The new oval dish is a timeless addition to any Royal Copenhagen collection or an obvious gift choice for a special occasion.
Royal Copenhagen
14.5 oz.
1.6 lbs.
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