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Barocco Holiday collection with 16 products
Barocco Holiday 16 products 1 Like  
Barocco Mosaic collection with 40 products
Barocco Mosaic 40 products    
Butterfly Garden collection with 35 products
Butterfly Garden 35 products Best Seller 2 Likes  
Byzantine Dreams collection with 37 products
Byzantine Dreams 37 products 1 Like  
Étoiles de la Mer collection with 38 products
Étoiles de la Mer 38 products    
I Love Baroque collection with 61 products
I Love Baroque 61 products Best Seller 1 Like  
Jungle Animalier collection with 48 products
Jungle Animalier 48 products    
La Mer collection with 28 products
La Mer 28 products 1 Like  
La Scala del Palazzo collection with 52 products
La Scala del Palazzo 2 Collections 52 products  
Medusa Blue collection with 33 products
Medusa Blue 33 products    
Medusa D'or Dinnerware collection with 37 products
Medusa D'or Dinnerware 37 products    
Medusa Gala collection with 53 products
Medusa Gala 53 products Best Seller    
Medusa Gala Gold collection with 14 products
Medusa Gala Gold 14 products    
Medusa Red collection with 47 products
Medusa Red 47 products    
Medusa Rhapsody collection with 54 products
Medusa Rhapsody 54 products    
Prestige Gala collection with 73 products
Prestige Gala 4 Collections 73 products  
Prestige Gala collection with 3 products
Prestige Gala 3 products    
Vanity collection with 41 products
Vanity 41 products    
Virtus Holiday collection with 18 products
Virtus Holiday 18 products    
Medusa Flatware collection with 29 products
Medusa Flatware 29 products    
Versace Greca Flatware collection with 11 products
Versace Greca Flatware 11 products    
Barware & Stemware
Arabesque collection with 21 products
Arabesque 21 products    
Bar collection with 10 products
Bar 10 products    
Gala Prestige collection with 12 products
Gala Prestige 1 Collection 12 products  
Medusa Lumiere Amber collection with 3 products
Medusa Lumiere Amber 3 products    
Medusa Lumiere Blue collection with 3 products
Medusa Lumiere Blue 3 products    
Medusa Lumiere Red collection with 3 products
Medusa Lumiere Red 3 products    
Medusa Madness Oro collection with 5 products
Medusa Madness Oro 5 products    
Arabic Glass collection with 2 products
Arabic Glass 2 products 1 Like  
Break The Bank collection with 6 products
Break The Bank 6 products    
Euphoria collection with 4 products
Euphoria 4 products    
Floor Vases collection with 2 products
Floor Vases 2 products    
Gala Prestige Medusa collection with 11 products
Gala Prestige Medusa 2 Collections 11 products  
Golden Medusa collection with 2 products
Golden Medusa 2 products    
Gorgona collection with 21 products
Gorgona 21 products    
Gypsy collection with 8 products
Gypsy 8 products    
Jungle collection with 4 products
Jungle 4 products    
Kaleidoscope collection with 3 products
Kaleidoscope 3 products    
La Regne Animal collection with 13 products
La Regne Animal 4 Collections 13 products  
Medusa Colors collection with 8 products
Medusa Colors 8 products    
Medusa Grande collection with 25 products
Medusa Grande 25 products    
Medusa Madness collection with 12 products
Medusa Madness 12 products    
Medusa Lumiere collection with 24 products
Medusa Lumiere 24 products 1 Like  
Medusa Gold collection with 5 products
Medusa Gold 5 products    
Medusa Platinum collection with 6 products
Medusa Platinum 6 products    
Picture Frames collection with 9 products
Picture Frames 9 products    
Treasury collection with 2 products
Treasury 2 products    
Versace Frames collection with 25 products
Versace Frames 25 products    
Virtus Alphabet collection with 78 products
Virtus Alphabet 78 products    
Virtus Gala collection with 12 products
Virtus Gala 12 products    
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Beauty and perfection of the highest standards, Rosenthal signifies nothing more and nothing less. The name itself epitomizes contemporary design and art in both porcelain and glass, and more besides: Rosenthal stands for luxury, lifestyle and a special aesthetic feeling - for products without sophisticated tabletop culture and contemporary ...... Read More