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About Precision Set

Exceptional product quality and service that exceeds all expectations are the hallmarks of the world’s most prestigious jewelers. It is also what distinguishes Precision Set Fine Jewelry Works. Since our conception in 1987, Precision Set has assimilated talented artisans, adopted meticulous standards and has utilized cutting-edge machinery to craft a premier product that exudes superior craftsmanship. Over the years, Precision Set has earned an impeccable reputation as a leading bridal manufacturer servicing well-established guild retailers. Today, Precision Set is one of the few remaining companies to design, manufacture, distribute and support all of our products from under one roof, here in the United States. Quality and commitment are the guiding principles under which we were founded and they are what will continue to set us apart for years to come.

For over a quarter century, Precision Set Fine Jewelry Works has been committed to producing enduring designs using advanced technology and unsurpassed craftsmanship. Without a talented staff, this would not be possible. The development of each new design from conception to completion involves the collaboration of several skilled artisans and craftsman. Multi-dimensional designs are created in house and turned out as 3d prototypes that are then cast and fine-tuned in our manufacturing shop. Our manufacturing team is comprised of world-class craftsmen, from stone setters, fabricators and machinists to casters, hand-engravers and finishers. Our skilled designers bring a rich history of tradition from work experience at well-known flagships like Tiffany & Co and Neiman Marcus. Every Precision Set employee contributes to the overall quality of our products and service whether by skill, insight or experience.

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